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Setting up a modem on Regular ADSL connection



Setting up a regular ADSL connection, for dry loop (naked ADSL) please refer to setup naked ADSL connection.

Before getting started please ensure that you have all your equipment ready for the installation.  Remember we are also assuming that your residence/ business has the proper inside wiring set up correctly.

Steps to getting started with Regular ADSL Connection:

1              Before getting started with a regular ADSL connection please ensure that you have a dial tone.  Try plugging in a traditional phone into the phone jack and ensure that you have a dial tone.    Circle if Done

2              Ensure that all your phones, fax machines, dial up machines have filters attached to them.  These filters look like a pigs tail and help seprate the ADSL connection from the dial tone.  Without these filters you may have the following issues. 


·         The voice conversations may be choppy / poor quality


·         If you have a fax – your ADSL connection may drop when your fax machine goes off


·         If you have a charge card machine using dial up your ADSL connection may drop


·         If you have an alarm your connection will drop if your alarm is dialing up to communicate with your provider.

Once you have confirmed that all your devises have phone filter.  Circle if Done


3              Unpack and remove the modem.  Ensure you have the modem, power supply, telephone wire, and Ethernet cable. Circle if Done

4              Connect the power supply into the modem and then plug the other end directly into a power supply, or better yet into a QUALITY surge protector.  You should have the power light. Circle if Done

5              Using the supplied telephone wire (also known as RJ-11) connect it to the tested phone jack and the other end connect to the modem.   This is a reminder – there should be no filters on the telephone wire when the wire is connect to the modem.   (phone filters should only be connected phone, fax machines, dial up devises, and alarm system.

6.            At this point you should have an ADSL link light indicating on the modem.  This would mean you have an ADSL connection.

To learn how to add a splitter to the phone jack so you can share the same – the modem and a phone on the same jack refer to setting up a modem on a splitter.


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